Green Mind for Grobal


We believe the adoption of renewable power generation will grow exponentially in the future as renewable energy becomes increasingly cost-effective throughout the world.

After reaching the conclusion that the photovoltaic energy will be the ultimate clean energy, we, G.M.G Corporation, have manufactured photovoltaic products to make contribution to worldwide expansion of photovoltaic power generation systems. We also run a photovoltaic module manufacturing plant in China to provide high quality solar products made by ourselves.

On the other hand, we have actively entered into photovoltaic power generation business itself. We have already started operation of two photovoltaic power plants in Asia with capacities of 1 MW and 200kW, respectively. We are expanding our business also in Japan, including installation of photovoltaic generation systems in schools and so on.

We have an intention of giving high priority to the field of renewable energy hereafter to respond to the public demand for preserving the global environment through the blessings of nature.

We sincerely hope you could continue supporting us further in future.

Main Product

Photovoltaic modules, Inverters, and Engineering, application, operation, and maintenance of solar power plants.

We manufacture solar modules in our own factory with thoroughgoing quality controls.
We provides consistent services of solar power plants, from engineering to maintenance.