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G.M.G Corporation manufactures highly reliable photovoltaic modules under its own stringent quality control system.

Product Report

PV module, Poly-crystalline Si

GMG-230 / XXX-60D

Module efficiency…12.84 ~ 15.2%
Maximum power……210W、220W、230W、240W、250W
Model no. of module GMG-230 / XXX-60D
Cell type Poly Crystal
Cell quantity 60
Max.system voltage 1,000V
Max.power 210W、220W、230W、240W、250W
Open circuit voltage 36.8V
Short circuit current 8.3A
Max.power voltage 30.1V
Max.power current 7.64A
Mass 19.4kg
Module dimension 1,650×991×46

GMG-280 / XXX-72D

Module efficiency…13.39 ~ 15.46%
Maximum power……260W、270W、280W、290W、300W
Model no. of module GMG-280 / XXX-72D
Cell type Poly Crystal
Cell quantity 72
Max.system voltage 1,000V
Max.power 260W、270W、280W、290W、300W
Open circuit voltage 44.6V
Short circuit current 8.4A
Max.power voltage 36.2V
Max.power current 7.73A
Mass 27.0kg
Module dimension 1,956×992×50

PV module, Poly-crystaline Si

PV module, Mono-crystaline Si

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Our product has acquired the certification of `TÜV Rheinland`.