Our Business

Manufacture of photovoltaic modules

We will support recovery and reconstruction from the Great East Japan Earthquake through revitalization of the regional economy led by employment creation in the region.

We work toward not only construction and operation of mega-solar power plants in the Tohoku region for supporting the regional electric power demand, but also `regional production and consumption of photovoltaic modules.

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Solar power generation

We participate actively the solar power generation business. In Asia we operate several large (above 1MW) and small solar power plants.

In Japan, besides having track records of solar power generation equipment installation in homes, car parks, schools etc., we are also planning to build a 13.5MW solar power plant.

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Solution businesses

We provide a one-stop solution from system engineering to construction, including application for electric power companies. Through simulation of irradiation at the site, we can propose an optimal solar power generation system design that uses our proprietary photovoltaic modules, which provide low cost and high performance, while satisfying various technical requirements.

As for maintenance, we provide comprehensive inspection and maintenance services, that is, to appoint an electric chief engineer for inspection of electric equipments including inverters, etc., and to do environmental management of the power plant including greening the site, etc.,

Since 2009, we have introduced remote monitoring systems for the solar power plants of our own, for real-time management of power generation status.

Sales of construction materials on the whole

We custom-make furniture, kitchen, utensils, wooden fittings, metal fittings and other general living appliances to match the installation situation.

We also deal in water purification systems different from conventional ones. Because they change the characteristics of water, they are applicable for infrastructural equipments.